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code: 29-0628-N-1073

Material: Polyethylene

Model limitations: Til benzin

Description 1: Central del

Description 3: Polyethylene covers are more flexible and durable than abs covers.

OE: 1K0825237J

OE: 1K0825237K

OE: 9513345

OE: 1K0825237K1K0825

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code: 1267-0235-N-262213

Material: Polypropylene

Model limitations: Til benzin

Description 3: Polypropylene covers are more felxible than covers made from abs plastic. they have a better temperature resistance than polyethylene.

: Top kvalitet

OE: 1K0825235AB

OE: 1K0825235AE

OE: 5C0825237A